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Tablet Salt

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Tablet Salt


Supplied in either 10KG or 25KG Bags
Using a high Quality Salt actually benefits your water softener and your pocket.  Our Salt contains less contaminants and is a purer (99.9% pure), better refined product.
Did you know? Better quality Salt can reduce your Salt usage and prolong the life of your Water Softener!
Priced from only £5.00 per 10KG bag (based on 10 bags) and from £9.00 per 25KG bag (based on 5 bags) - or you are welcome to come and collect any quantity and you will receive a collection discount!
Please Note: If Biasoft is unavailable, Aquasol or a Salt of equal quality will be provided as a substitute. 25KG Bags pictured.

Item Qty To Buy Price
10 x 10KG Bags £50.00
20 x 10KG Bags £95.00
30 x 10KG Bags £135.00
5 x 25KG Bags £45.00
10 x 25KG Bags £88.00
20 x 25KG Bags £170.00

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